Persatuan Pelajar Mekanikal

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Persatuan Pelajar Mekanikal
Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia


desilza said...


1. Congratulation on the rebranding of KKM to PPM. I hope it is not a clash or redundant organisation. If yes, please consult with HEP and Penyelaras Pembangunan Pelajar (I think Dr Saidin) about this matter.

2. Persatuan suppose to play important role for representing its members. And as PPM, you have to gain support and participation from all FKMP students (its more than 1000 now; and please compare with your membership number). Do not involve in adults politics (outside campus), but you have to focus on fkmp students' welfare. A lot of improvement could be made on facilities, policies, procedure implementations etc. In fact, through persatuan you request something beneficial to everybody, and i guess a lot aof issues arises among fkmp students but they do not know where to channel it in proper way.

3. Internet is very powerful tool for gaining support. Having a blog is a good start, my suggestion: a) you should have facebook and it will connect each other easier; b) photo gallery (flickr/picasa or anything) to share activity photos, fkmp environment; c) fkmp will have its own server, please consult with Mr Nasriq/Mr Faizul. You may have your own website, linked with fkmp website and inform them to link this blog/website to fkmp website; d) you may gain a lot of membership through net -> maybe online registration; e) you also can work closely with Nasriq to provide alert system to students' email (who are member of this PPM) about many info eg timetable, change of schedule etc

4. Do not focus on Diploma students only. Try to get membership from Degree students as well. The more you get, the stronger organisation you'll have.

5. You may try to request for a space (maybe small) from faculty for your bilik gerakan. At the complex might be better, as OneStopCenter. And dont syok sendiri, treat everybody (fkmp students) as your fkmp family, and you may ask last question... would you like to join PPM. Do it n berhemah way...

6. Through the net also, you may provide special email for aduan. and this aduan will be taken care by your organisation as representative of students. By doing this, you also may gain more members and support.
7. Try to work closely with MechClub (Kelab Kebajikan & Rekreasi Staf FKMP) on activities like sports etc; and also Penyelaras ProgramPembangunan Pelajar, Penyelaras PA etc. You may have a meeting with TDA (Prof Imran) on how your persatuan can help faculty.

Okaylah… banyaknya saya membebel, sorry ya!